Welcome to the world of success

Hello friends, welcome to the world of success. This is the place, where you can find all the information that you need to fulfill your dreams. France is a beautiful country which offers more opportunities especially to the students. France is a country of innovations and world class technologies. First of all, I appreciate your decision to come to study in France. Compared to other countries, the education in France is less expensive in terms of living expenses also.

Now as you have decided to pursue your studies in France, it is time to prepare well. To be successful, please follow the following three steps.

Step 1:

Learning French:

Even though, you apply for an international program in English medium it is strongly recommended to take a spoken French course of at least six months. For this I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THE ALLIANCE FRANCAISE. You can find the list of alliance francaise in India by clicking on this link www.afindia.org. It will be helpful for your social activities and eventually to find a part-time job.

Step 2:


The most important step in the process is choosing the right school or university. Normally when you search an English medium course, the choice is limited. The complete list of schools and universities offering the English medium courses can be obtained by clicking here. In most of the cases, you can make online application by using the web portal of the institutes. Before applying make sure your eligibility and financial capacity because scholarship is almost inexistent in France for international students. It is better to take into consideration the geographical region also, if you have plans to work in part time. If you speak French, it is easier to find a job. Without French, finding a job in a small town is very difficult.

Step 3:

Coming to France

All the students from India need the VLS-TS to study in France. This visa is made specifically for all the international students from outside European union and Swiss nationals in France. Once you have your acceptation letter from the institute of your choice, you can already start your application for the French VLS-TS. Normally, start the process three months before the commencement of the course. The processing time is about 14 to 21 days normally.

An online account on CampusFrance can be made to upload visa documents online, and pay the application fee. An interview will be conducted at a CampusFrance location in India to explain your study plans in France. CampusFrance sends the preliminary offer to the university you are applying for and the French consulates. They analyse your file and communicate their decision. If you want to apply to a French university that that is not part of CampusFrance, you will have to contact the university directly. You will have to attend a visa interview during the application process.

More details about visa can be obtained by clicking here.

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